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New in Altos: Pending Sales Data

By Mike Simonsen on June 12, 2024


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Mike Simonsen

Mike Simonsen is the founder and president of real estate analytics firm Altos Research, which has provided national and local real estate data to financial institutions, real estate professionals, and investors across the country for more than 15 years. An expert trendspotter, Mike uses Altos data to identify market shifts months before they hit the headlines.

We’re excited to announce the availability of Pending Sales data, our clearest signal to date of future home sales. You'll find Pending Sales data in Advanced Analytics, Altos’ data visualization platform that offers 150+ housing market stats and trends.

Watch the video below for a short demo of the product.


Why Pending Sales Data Is So Important


Pending Sales data offers our clearest signal to date of future home sales. With Pendings Sales data, you’ll have next-level intelligence about what’s happening in the housing market right now and be able to spot trends in home sales weeks before transactions close.

Use Pending Sales data to understand:

  • Transaction volume
  • Market growth
  • The current pace of home sales
  • Future sales prices and trends
  • The impact of rate changes
    … plus other home sales trends.


Get Started Today

Ready to have unparalleled visibility into the market? Sign up for Altos Premium today and add Pending Sales data to your account.

Want to see Altos in action first? Book a demo today to learn more about the Altos system, Advanced Analytics, Pending Sales data and more.

What's Advanced Analytics?

Advanced Analytics is Altos’ data visualization platform that lets you run your own Altos database queries to develop fresh insights into the market. Use Advanced Analytics to discover trends, forecast market conditions, spot market shifts, and more.


Ask questions like:Advanced Analytics Dashboard - May 2024

  • Where should my client be looking for a home in their price range
  • Which zips have the best opportunities for buyers right now
  • Which markets are cooling the fastest?
  • How competitive is my client’s desired area?
  • Which markets should we invest in?
    … and more.


Key features include:Altos-pendings-example1

  • Easy-to-use query interface
  • 150+ stats & designs
  • Comparison rankings
  • Dashboard of favorite charts
  • Export to your website & socials

Want to learn more? Go to and book time with our team.

You can also run a free Altos real estate market report for any zip code in the U.S. and receive an update on that area in your inbox every week.

And, if you want to learn how to read and interpret all the stats in our reports, I encourage you to download our free eBook: "How to Use Market Data to Build Your Real Estate Business."

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