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3 Ways Market Data Helps Realtors Thrive in Uncertain Times

3 Ways Market Data Helps Realtors Thrive in Uncertain Times

The real estate industry is facing serious challenges. Many consumers have shifted into survival mode. They’re nervous about the future, and making a big financial move like buying or selling their home might feel too risky at the moment.

Understanding this mindset will help you respond to these challenges, and enable you to adopt smart tactics that help you weather the storm. Custom-branded market data can be indispensable at a time like this, and can even help you thrive in this environment.

How Market Data Can Help

1) It helps you quell the panic with real information.

Consumers need security right now, and crave confidence. They’re uneasy and even feeling a little bit of panic. The one thing that protects against panic is real information.

Custom-branded market data lets you arm your buyers and sellers with real data instead of rumors, giving them a solid foundation for decision-making and helping them to reduce risk. You also position yourself as being of service during this confusing time.

2) It allows you to keep buyer and seller contacts warm.

It’s always important to nurture your leads - in normal markets, most leads need 7 or more touches before they convert - but if the sales cycle pauses, it will be more even important than ever to stay in front of your prospects and clients.

Your custom-branded market reports are the perfect high-value content to share with contacts to keep them warm. (Altos makes it very easy to do this through our automated email drip campaigns.)

3) It enables you to reach potential buyers and sellers on social.

People are stuck at home and increasingly online. They’re spending a ton of time on social media and are shopping and researching online more than ever before. You have a real opportunity to put high-value market research in front of them to generate leads.

Having custom-branded market reports to share enables you to reach prospective buyers and sellers on your own social channels... or you can use Altos’ Facebook Promote feature to reach thousands of potential prospects through Facebook Ads.

I know this is a very challenging time for all of us. Altos is here to help however we can.

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