Year-End 2009 Trends: Pacific Northwest Housing Market

December 29, 2009

by Scott Sambucci


Continuing our week-long look at the US Housing Market by region, here’s look at the 2009 year-end Median Ask Price and Active Inventory trends for the largest Pacific Northwest markets.

  • Median ask prices are declining steadily in each of the four markets highlighted in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Seattle held up pretty well through 2008, by hit a downward slide throughout 2009, entering 2010 on a continued downward trend.
  • Reno experienced the largest percentage price drop since mid-2008, and along with Boise, exhibited no Spring-time bounce in 2009.
NW Mkts 12-28-09

Median Housing Ask Prices: Seattle, Portland, Boise & Reno

  • Seattle inventory trends are clearly seasonal, with an elevated supply floor each year since 2007.
  • Portland appears to have peaked in 2008, flattening out in 2009.
  • Boise & Reno are showing relatively stable supply levels, but declining moving into 2010.  This could be likely due to increase foreclosures in these areas.
Active Housing Supply: Seattle, Portland, Boise & Reno

Active Housing Supply: Seattle, Portland, Boise & Reno

The Southwest and Texas are next on the list…. Stay tuned.

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