New WordPress Plugin: Charts, Regional Charts and Stats Tables, Oh my!

July 5, 2009

by Jason Buberel


Table, Regionalt and City Charts

Table, Regiona Chart and City Chart

To commemorate the July 4th holiday (well, not really) we’re releasing upon the world version 1.0 of our newest WordPress plugin. This new plugin makes it ridiculously easy for Altos subscribers (a.k.a. Data Geeks) to drop charts and stats tables directly into their WordPress blog. No more messing with <iframe> or <img> tags – just select your options, press ‘Save’ and like magic – the widget is there. They’re easy to use, and offer all sorts of fun configuration options.

More information and downloads: Altos Widgets for WordPress

The screen capture on the left shows all three widgets in action. Happy blogging!

[Minor Update: We’ve also released a bug-fix update to our AltosConnect Widget for WordPress. Version 1.0.2 adds compatibility for WordPress installations based on php v4.

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