Support for transparent images in your PDF reports

August 17, 2009

by Jason Buberel


Just a quick note to let our customers know that later this evening we will be launching some website updates that will allow you to use PNG (portable network graphics) and GIF images in your personalized reports. In addition to now supporting these two new image types (currently you can only upload JPG files), we’ve made sure that you can use the transparency effects in both PNG and GIF images.

Support for transparency feature is particularly useful with our new colorful report themes (for more information, read this post).  For example, the screen shot below is from a sample report generated using a standard JPG image file (the JPEG file format does not support transparency, and yes that is a photo of me I had lying about on my desktop):

JPG file without transparent background

Now compare that to a transparency-enhanced PNG file:

PNG file with transparent background

In general, we strongly recommend using PNG files instead of GIF files. The PNG file format supports up to 16 million colors, whereas GIF images are limited to only 256.  Adobe’s Photoshop Elements is a terrific tool for creating PNG images with transparent backgrounds.

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