RVM, the Rental Property MVP

November 28, 2012

by Brandie Young


If there’s one thing the (self-proclaimed) Data Geeks of Altos enjoy, it’s a challenge – particularly one issued from a client.  Today’s challenge – “What rent can I expect from my residential investment real estate?”  OK, we got that handled.

The answer was simple but not easy – the Rental Valuation Model.

Click it to calculate what your property would rent for in today’s market.

Tracking 70% of the US homes and apartments available for rent each week the RVM incorporates pricing, market times and key property characteristics in the largest housing and apartment rental database in the country.

Whether its market selection, investment decisions, loss mitigation or disposition strategy, we made RVM the MVP of everyone’s property strategy team.

You can test it for yourself here.  Let us know what you think.

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