Ready?! Four New WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Data

November 15, 2009

by Mike Simonsen


wordpressWe like to think we have better and more insightful real estate data than you can get anywhere else. For our real estate agent and broker clients, we also work hard to make it super easy for you to use that data.  AltosCharts are the leading real estate market data widgets and have been since we launched them in 2006. AltosCharts are installed on thousands of websites now.

Recently though, more and more of our subscribers are blogging (and almost all of them on WordPress). With the flexibility, search-engine-friendliness, and communication powers of WordPress, many have abandoned their “traditional” website altogether. Rock on.

Four WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Data

In an effort support this trend, today we’re launching four (count ’em, four!) WordPress plugins for our subscribers. Here they are in order of coolness:

  1. Market Data Post – With just a few clicks and create an entire Real Estate Market Data blog post. Sometimes, when you have to get a post done and just don’t have the time, that’s where this plugin comes in.*

    Add a complete Real Estate Market Data Post for your local market

    Add a complete Real Estate Market Data Post for your local market

  2. WYSIWYG Toolbar AltosCharts – Often though, you’re writing your regular blog post, you want pictures or other media, different formatting, and you want to add an AltosChart to comment on the market conditions. This plugin adds four buttons to your toolbar so you can instantly add a local market data AltosChart, regional/county-wide AltosChart, AltosStats table, or cool new AltosCharts Flash into any blog post you’re writing. No cutting and pasting! Works just like adding an image to your blog post. I used this plugin to add the charts to this National Report post last week.

    Plugin adds four easy buttons right to your blog post toolbar.

    Plugin adds four easy buttons right to your blog post toolbar.

  3. AltosCharts and AltosStats Sidebar – so even when you’re blogging about everything else, your visitors still see that you have market data. Set your click through links to your market data detail pages if you like.
  4. AltosConnect Sidebar – Easy to include the AltosConnect lead conversion and auto-drip forms. No more cutting and pasting.

All the plugins have a few features in common:

  • They use your Altos Research account and are automatically set up for your local markets.
  • With just a few clicks you can easily tap all the features of AltosCharts. Show single family homes vs. condos, weekly vs. smoothed data, price range quartiles (only Altos lets you show how the market moves in price ranges), stats tables and or charts.
  • Set charts to static date – when you’re blogging you want to create a post where you talk about how the market is right now. Simply set the date in the AltosCharts and they’ll always accompany your post with the right data.
  • Or set the charts to always display the latest data – if you want to create a page for, for example, your town so that visitors always see the latest data then you set the charts to be dynamic.
  • Set your own links. This is an important distinction between AltosCharts and other “free” market data widgets you might see around. When someone gets to your website, you want to inform them with the data, but you also want to keep them on your site. Remember that freebie widgets are designed to lure your visitors and search-engines to someone else’s site, away from you. With AltosCharts, you direct visitors to your landing page, market data detail page, IDX site.  You get the content, the leads, the SEO juice – not us!

How to get these awesomely cool plugins for your blog

If you’re an Altos subscriber and at all familiar with using AltosCharts then these four plugins will be intuitive. Log in to your Altos account and select My WebTools | WordPress Widgets to download.

Get the Widgets from your Altos Research Account

Get the Widgets from your Altos Research Account

If you’re new or thinking about subscribing, give us a buzz and ask for a demo. Or check out our complete AltosIntelligence service for real estate professionals.

*A quick shout-out to Eric Stegemann, who helped us spec out the Market Data Post plugin. Eric’s firm Tribus has a technology platform for brokers that includes, among other things, a really cool implementation of AltosCharts on a WordPress site.

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