New Tool for Successful Marketing!

November 18, 2009

by Julie


Hi all.. this is my first blog post, so please be gentle. Ricky Fernandez here [Products Specialist / @AltosSalesDude] and I am so excited to introduce our latest feature roll out designed to help you be more successful in your marketing efforts. The “Pay Per Report” tool is already available and located in your Altos Research account and ready for use. With this new tool, YOU can create a custom branded report and call it whatever you wish. Perhaps you have a very affluent client that you want to dazzle… Call it the “Very Important Client I Must Dazzle” Report. You can even brand the report as the “4500 Old Mill Road” Report for a listing presentation or meeting. You can upload a photo of the property too! This new feature permits you to run one report at a time for just $9.95 each. No minimums, use it as needed. Oh ya.. and you can run reports from any of the 15,000 zip code regions that we are monitoring all over the USA! That’s a total of 120 Metropolitan Statistical Areas.. all big ones! It’s a great way to really engage that “RELO” Client from the other coast. Check out my screen cast for a quick intro and demonstration: Pay Per Report Demonstration

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