New report designs – colors, colors, everywhere

August 6, 2009

by Jason Buberel


Although we’re still calling the feature ‘beta’, we’re announcing some significant design upgrades to our customized PDF reports. You may recall that a while back we introduced color themes for our widgets (red, green, blue, khaki, brown) in order to give our customers more design options when building their websites using Altos tools.

Well, we’ve now extended that capability to our PDF reports too. The next time you login to your account and navigate to the ‘Personalized Reports’ page, you’ll find a ‘Report Theme’ pull down menu. By default, all customers will continue to get the standard report design they’ve always been getting  – we’re not taking away any of the features you already have (side note: does that sound like President Obama convincing voters that his health plan doesn’t take away health care benefits they already have?).

To use the new themes, simply choose one of the color options from the ‘Report Theme’ menu and generate a few samples. If you like them, keep the setting. If not, just set the menu back to ‘Default/Standard’ and no harm done.  Again, this is still a BETA feature, so there may be some quirks. If you run into any problems using the feature, please drop our support line a note.

Here are a few thumbnails, with links to full-sized examples:

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