Hear me roar at Opal’s Real Estate Investors Summit next week

April 8, 2011

by Scott Sambucci


Okay, not really roar, but I am a panelist on the “Distressed Residential Overview” session on Thursday afternoon.  Click for the full conference agenda .

Here are last year’s presentation slides in which I showed how our active marketing housing indicators lead home price indices such as the S&P/Case-Shiller.

Predicting US Housing Prices: Opal Real Estate Deal Makers Summit (April 2010)

In particular, check out Slide #7:

Turns out that our data and projections back in April 2010 for this year were exactly correct – showing both inflection points and magnitude of housing price movements through early 2011.  More simply – we nailed it.  [patting oneself happily on the back].

Want to know what 2012 will bring?  Guess you’ll have to attend. Register here.

(Note: Neither Altos Research nor I receive any compensation for promoting this conference.)

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