Forbes 500 Most Expensive Zip Codes

October 12, 2011

by Mike Simonsen


Forbes 500

Forbes 500 most expensive zips.

The 2011 Forbes 500 is out!  Each year we work with our friends at Forbes to help them compile the most expensive real estate markets. Forbes likes their lists.

They come to Altos, because we can pull the data together, and Forbes has a particular way they like to run the methodology. For example, for this list we blend together condos and single family homes into one “price.” The benefit of this approach is that it gives a view of a super-high-end luxury markets that have lower-price condos that you could get into. The ski towns in particular fit this description. Because there are some cheaper condos available in Aspen, it slides down the list a bit. The downside of this approach is that if you go into Aspen with only $2.5 million to spend on your ski house and you don’t want a condo, you’re going to be disappointed with your selection.

I’m happy with how this year’s list turned out and with the reporting by Morgan Brennan over at Forbes. Check it out and see where your neighborhood lands!

See the Forbes 500 Luxury Real Estate Markets.


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