Our New Facebook App: “How’s The Market?” Post Market Conditions to Your News Feed

June 16, 2010

by Mike Simonsen


More stuff for our Realtor clients today…

Today we launch our latest Facebook app:  The How’s The Market? app gives Altos Research subscribers a super simple way to share your local real estate market data with your Facebook friends or business page fans.

Let me paint a picture. You’re a realtor, you’re building your Facebook profile, your business page, your network. You have a mix of personal friends and business associates. Sometimes they’re the same. You want to engage people, remind them that, yes, you make a living in real estate. But it turns out that it takes a lot of work to get good thoughtful Facebook content.

Since Altos is in the business of getting you good, thoughtful content easily, we knew we needed to help with a Facebook app. Our first couple apps were OK, but really didn’t seem to make a connection. It turns out, that’s because nobody on Facebook ever looks at your profile’s tabs, sidebars, boxes or anything, really, except the newsfeed of status updates. If your content isn’t in there, it’s not reaching people.

So the lesson is, if you want to provide business value to your Facebook friends or fans, you need to do it in your status updates. That’s what the How’s The Market? app does. Drop a trend chart and local market stats right into your status feed, link back to your web site or blog for your friends to get more information. It works in Facebook’s business pages, as well as personal profiles.

It’s very simple, but we think it’ll finally be a functional, useful app for engaging people with Facebook

Here’s a screencast of how it works.

You have to use your Altos login credentials to use the app. Altos subscribers find it in the Facebook app directory.

If you’re a real estate professional and not yet an Altos subscriber: start here.

Hope you like it. (No pun intended.)

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