Carnival of Real Estate – Architecture, Ann Liebovitz, ARMs

August 10, 2009

by Scott Sambucci


It’s been a few years since we last hosted the Carnival of Real Estate – hope that we can shake off the rust!

I dove into the project planning to offer my opinion on the 1-2 best posts – authors that encapsulated unique content and interesting perspectives.  I can’t say any one post was  a clear cut “winner” so instead I decided to categorize the submissions and provide a short summary for those posts that were more novel that others.  I also infused a few outside links and resources that you may not know about.

(Sidenote – See if you can guess the two words in the post that prompted me to open a dictionary – the real paper and ink kind…)

Just Plain Different

Real Estate Marketing

  • Jonathan Dalton in Phoenix looks at some of 2.0 with some suspicion, even as an early blogger and tech-adopter. You know what?  That’s a good thing.  I see far too many agents diving into technology tools without understanding how (or if) it fits into their business.  Twitter, Facebook, and the rest are great tools – if you know how to work them into your practice.
  • But for those going headstrong into social media marketing, here are some basic tips. The author loses points for citing Wikipedia though. (I’m a part-time lecturer in the Economics Department at Cal State – research papers submitted citing Wikipedia are immediately returned to students for revision… I don’t offer extra credit or curve exams either. Yes, yes, I know. I’m a hardass.)

Market Perspectives

Other Submissions

So there you have it – this week’s Carnival of Real Estate.  I’ve cc’ed Kermit the Frog and Judy Collins and asked them to send in clowns now. I was always a fan of the Swedish Chef and the the old men in the box.

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