ASF 2010 – Washington DC (Jan 31-Feb 3)

January 29, 2010

by Scott Sambucci


ASF logoBig event starting on Sunday. We’ll be there. Why is the American Securitization Forum 2010 Conference so important?  The topics covered at the ASF meetings set the tone for the next year and show the financial market’s response to government and private sector initiatives for the securitization market.  Many of our clients trade RMBS, whole loan asset portfolios, service mortgages, and purchase distressed assets – this is a key event for us to see what’s happening out there.

With the upcoming changes to the residential mortgage market –  the US government’s pull back from housing market lending and the re-expiration of the homebuyer’s tax credit in April 2010 – it’s a pivotal year in the housing market to see if the recovery is real, if we’ve simply troughed, or if we’re headed lower (gasp!).

Here’s a look at a few agenda items at the ASF 2010:

  • Securitization and Its Role in the Financial Markets
  • RMBS Deal Performance Analysis
  • Consumer Credit Metrics and Evaluation
  • 2010 Securitization Market Outlook
  • Securitization Policy Reforms
  • Restoring the Private Securitization Market and Unwinding Government Support Programs
  • Mortgage Underwriting Trends

Personally, my favorite event is the Working Lunch – A Discussion Between Newt Gingrich and Howard Dean, Moderated by Larry Kudlow. Need I say more?

Drop me a line ( if you’re attending to talk about the housing market and what we’re seeing out there.  Starbucks or Budweiser – your choice.  I’m buying.

See you there.

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