3 Ways Altos Clients Are Outsmarting Competitors with Real Estate Market Data

May 29, 2015

by Kristin Evans


Altos Market Reports in Action
[This article is part of a new Realtor-focused series on the Altos blog, looking at ways agents can use market data to build their business].

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” – well, nowhere is this more true than with the real estate market, where standing out from the competition can be extremely challenging.

Real estate market data is the ultimate differentiating content. It’s educational. It solves a problem for people. It makes you look smart and informed. Plus, it changes on a regular basis, so there’s always something fresh to share.

Here are three ways our clients are using Altos market data to win new business and stay a step ahead of the competition.

1. Smarter open houses.

Integrating market data at an open house is the perfect way to gain a prospect’s attention, spark a conversation and create a new client.

Here’s how one Altos user does it:

First, she takes an Altos Market Report and places it in a plastic flyer stand. When she sees someone reading the report, she engages them and offers to send them a copy right away. She asks for their email address, and using the Altos Widget on her cell phone, has the report delivered to them while they are still chatting about the market. Voilà – this person is now a lead who can be followed up on weekly with new market data via an email drip campaign.

An Altos Market Report in action at an open house.

She also arms herself for this conversation by preparing two stat points in advance using the Altos Stat Table on her cell phone.  When the prospect asks, “How’s the market?” she’s able to say something specific like, “this week, 14 homes were absorbed off the market.” She can then segue into some questions about why they’re buying or selling, get into a natural conversation and ask for the business.

2. Door knocking with a purpose.

Another Altos client uses market data to fuel a monthly door knocking campaign. She claims that this approach has created more opportunities to talk to homeowners live and earn their business than any other strategy she’s tried.

Here’s what she does:

Prior to door-knocking time, she writes a handwritten card to each homeowner, letting them know the date and time she’ll be neighborhood and that she’ll be bringing a Market Update about their area to give them. She prints an Altos Research Executive Summary with her branding on it and takes this along with her as she goes door to door. If the homeowner isn’t home, she’ll leave the report behind.

If they do answer the door and are willing to chat, she’s immediately able to establish credibility as a local market expert with real insights into what she’s seeing in the market. She then leaves the branded report behind after the conversation.

3. Postcards that compel.

Let’s face it: while direct mail can sometimes be effective, most postcard mailers look the same, and end up in the trash.

That’s why one of our savvy agents foregoes the usual postcard content of recently closed transactions or recipes in favor of a much more intriguing approach.

Here’s her spin: She sends out a large postcard with one simple inventory graph that shows the inventory trend for the last year. She then adds the text, “What does this mean for your home’s value? Call me to discuss today.”

Ready to get started with these tried-and-true strategies? Click here to find out more about Altos Market Reports.

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