A new home and a new name for the Altos Research blog

June 25, 2009

by Mike Simonsen


We’ve been blogging here at Altos Research for almost four years now – since before we launched the company in fact. I’ve personally been a vocal proponent about the power of blogging and social media (to the consternation of my dining partners perhaps) for almost that long. Yet in recent months we’ve been really lousy at writing. One reason for our low blogging output is that we’ve been scheming about finally changing over to WordPress. And when you’re thinking about moving to the new home, it’s hard to invest in the old one.

Well folks, today is our day. This is the inaugural post of the brand-spanking-new Altos Research blog. You’ll notice, no doubt, that we have a lot to clean up with the design. We went with Thesis as our theme, but I am a total WordPress newbie so much hacking will yet ensue.

So if we do this well, you’ll again see frequent posts from both Scott Sambucci and me, some good compelling content, lots of real estate market data, and some editorial on the real estate technology in general.

We’re also giving the blog a new name
Four years ago, in one of my lesser leaps of creative accomplishment, we grabbed “Real Estate Insights” as our title. Blah. Now, we’ve been around the block a few times and have some new thoughts. Check this out and tell me what you think:

When asked to describe Altos Research, I usually sum it this way: We help people answer the question, “How’s the market?” I kick off our seminar sessions with that question. I use the thought to help explain what makes us special. So if that’s what we’re about, then it should make a good name for the blog too, right? So I give you, Altos Research: How’s The Market?


You can dig through the past years of riveting content here.

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